Price & Payment

Our price is very competitive by local and international standards. To cater for the requirements of your individual projects, we offer three levels of service. Regardless of the level of translation you select, all projects are professionally managed by dedicated consultants, with quality control in place to ensure the highest quality is achieved.

Premium Translation

For high quality technical documents, any text that requires specialist knowledge, such as legal, medical, IT, technical manual, or web page localisation.

Standard Translation

This is the translation of day-to-day documents that do not demand a high-level technical terminology or understanding. It may include internal documents such as memorandum and report etc.

Summary Translation

Where full translation is not required by you, (without needing exact word for word or sentence for sentence translation), Insight can provide key points or summary of the source document in the target language as specified by you.

The actual pricing may vary depending on the type of work involved. Our project manager will quote you a price based upon the information you provide to us.

For free, confidential, no obligation advice on having your documents translated, please contact Insight Translating and Interpreting Services; our professional team will be pleased to assist you.


As a guide, the industry standard is approximately 250 words per hour for translating work and 1,000 words per hour for editing. However, this may vary depending on the complexity and technical nature of the material.

Our quotes will always state our anticipated turnaround times. If you have an urgent project, please feel free to discuss it with us. If the time frame is realistic (i.e. possible!), we will generally fit these jobs in for you.