Legal Translation

Mixing up of "manslaughter" and "murder" in a legal translation will lead to totally different outcomes in sentencing by the court. "Detention Centre" is different from "Prison" in the eye of the law in China. These are examples where mistakes in translation can lead to a serious misunderstanding. Translation mistakes in legal documents, no matter how small, can have devastating consequences and thus cannot be tolerated. That is why Insight Translating and Interpreting Services (or Insight for short) uses translators specialised in legal translation. The legal translator must possess a thorough understanding of the legal area in question and its terminology far beyond the capability of a normal translator.

All legal translations, whether legal documents, court orders, contracts, or legal opincons when completed by the legal translator, are then checked by our in-house principal translator to ensure the correctness and fluency of the translation, and that no omission, addition or alteration has been made to the original document. This is the vital part of our internal quality control process to ensure that nothing is missed.

Where full translation is not required by you, Insight can provide key points or summary of the source document in the target language as specified.

Advantages of Using INSIGHT

Legal Translators
Insight uses only the best professionally qualified legal translators with experience in your field.

Reference Materials
Our translators have access to extensive legal reference materials and the Internet for legal terminology.

Quality Control
This is the vital part of the internal quality control process we use to ensure the correctness and flow of the translation..

Insight implements NAATI's strict code of ethics for translators on confidentiality.


  • Translation only performed by experienced legal translators
  • Full quality control through thorough checking procedures for error elimination before releasing as a final document
  • Selective translation options available upon request