Translation of Video & Audio Tapes

Translation service is not restricted to text on paper; materials used with the modern media such as video or audiotapes are often required. This is usually done in two stages. First, the oral or visual medium is transcribed into written text in the original language. The translation is then made from this transcript. The customer will receive both the transcript and translation.

However, if only a general summary of the content of the tape is required, Insight Translating and Interpreting Services (or Insight for short) will be happy to provide a more cost effective answer. This may involve listening to the tape, taking notes or transcribing relevant sections of the tape, then making a summary or translating just the required section or the entire tape.

Advantages of Using INSIGHT

Experienced Technical Translators

Insight uses the best professionally qualified technical translators with experience in specific fields.

Reference Materials

Our translators have access to extensive technical reference materials and the Internet for technical terminology.

Quality Controls

This is the integral part of our quality assurance process to thoroughly eliminate oversight errors or any misinterpretation of the source materials.


Insight has extensive experience in handling multinational translation projects for clients in the Asia Pacific region, especially throughout China.


Technical translations can be delivered in any format desired by you, whether it is in the digital form and/or as a hard copy.


  • Translations across most technical fields by experienced technical translators
  • Availability of extensive technical reference sources for translators
  • Full quality control through checking procedures for error elimination
  • Flexibility on the delivery format
  • Integrity and confidentiality through enforcing the NAATI code of ethics for translators